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Tomorrow's drivers benefit from mobile testing
Posted on October 29, 2010 09:25

Wednesday, 27 October 2010 saw the dawn of an exciting new era in driving licence testing. Two mobile testing units, fully equipped by Tasima, were unveiled during the launch of Gauteng’s Department of Roads and Transport’s Learner Driver Support Project (LDSP) at the Boekenhoutkloof Traffic College in Tshwane.

The units will make it possible for learners who normally do not have easy access to driving licence testing centres, to sit for their learner’s licence tests.

Gauteng Premier Ms Nomvula Mokonyane, guest of honour at the launch event, personally commended the Tasima team for their part in ensuring the success of this exciting new project.

The work required was comprehensive and Tasima had to pull out all stops to ensure that preparations would be completed on time.

In addition to fitting 28 new PCs to touch screens, modifying these to remotely switch on and off and mounting special anti-vibration brackets, Tasima’s infrastructure division also prepared, activated and tested notebooks (used for support activities) and printers, and comprehensively tested all existing equipment in both vehicles, addressing repairs where required. Connectivity to eNaTiS was established by two FastNet units, for which the entire process from order to installation was reduced from a normal three weeks to three days.

Given that the units will be operating in areas where road conditions are less than ideal, a very important task was reinforcing weak points in the vehicles – including fitting additional specialised screws to all touch screen panels, as well as the ladders providing access to the vehicles. Tasima furthermore provided full technical, operational and functional support to both vehicles on the day.

On the systems side, the eNaTiS Computerised Learner's Licence Testing (CLLT) module was loaded and tested comprehensively the day before the launch. 'It was a proud day for all of us when the very first group of learners exited the truck, having been the first South Africans to benefit from these units. This initiative will no doubt make a very real difference in terms of effective service delivery,' says Kevin Kara-Vala, Executive Head of Department: Software Applications, who provided eNaTiS operational and technical support as well as CLLT process support. The LDSP, of which the mobile testing unit initiative is but one component, is driven (no pun intended) by a dedicated corps of driver instructors. The programme has the following objectives:
  • Improving overall road safety by improving the standard of learner and driver trainer
  • Improving learner access to training
  • Providing the necessary skills required for school-leavers to be employable
  • Providing quality learner and driving training
The programme will enable grade 11 and 12 learners in Gauteng to acquire learner's and driving licences. The main purpose of the project is to take learner's licensing to the learners, to capture learners at an early stage and to provide them with a good set of driving skills. The project is currently being piloted at four participating schools and will soon be rolled out in all nine provinces.

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