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Proud moment as Gauteng launches new number plate series
Posted on December 02, 2010 11:17

The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport launched its highly innovative new number plate series on Tuesday, 30 November 2010. System facilitation of the new series was made possible by many months of dedicated development and testing by Tasima, the National Traffic Information System (eNaTiS) contractor.

Tasima’s Kevin Kara-Vala (Executive Head: Software Applications) and Marius Benade (Test Manager: Business Operations and Requirements) provided eNaTiS support during the launch event, and Kara-Vala also fielded questions from media and industry representatives. 

Speaking at the event the Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Mr Ismail Vadi, said that the new number plate series is an essential instrument in the province’s campaign to improve the delivery of public services and to reduce crime.

He added that this is also part of a larger initiative aimed at reducing the incidence of fraud in respect of number plates. 

False or fraudulent number plates facilitate the following:
  • The export of stolen vehicles to neighbouring countries
  • The use of vehicles in crimes such as household burglaries and robberies, hijacking, bank and cash-in-transit robberies, and the evasion of traffic fines
  • The illegal use of one number plate on a number of car
A further compelling reason for the introduction of the new series is the fact that the eight million numbers of the previous series had been virtually exhausted. Expounding on the features of the new series, Vadi stated that it would be issued only on aluminium plates. The new plate contains a distinctive security feature in the form of a continuous and unbroken wave mark on a white, retro-reflective surface. The new plate's border, letters and number are in dark blue and the plate features a watermark.

The new plates are comparable in price to the cost for the previous ones.

Vadi said that it is important to note that motorists will be able to keep their existing plates, since the new number plate series is mandatory only for newly registered vehicles or when the licence mark of the owner changes, e.g. when a person moves to Gauteng from another province or no longer utilises a personalised licence number; or when a vehicle that was previously deregistered or exported is once again registered and licensed in Gauteng.

In closing, Vadi said that all number plate suppliers are required by law to register with his department, and that this would ensure thorough regulation of the number plate industry.

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Ms Benedicta Monama, HoD of the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, receives the first plate in the new series from MEC Mr Ismail Vadi
Tasima's Kevin Kara-Vala (Executive Head: Software Applications) fields questions
Mr Vadi explains the differences between the previous and new plates